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Comprehensive eye exams in 06705

06705 eye doctor
06705 eye doctor

Comprehensive eye exams include vision screenings and a lot more. Here at Oronoque Eye Care, your optimal vision and eye wellness are both top priorities for us. All you need do is come in once per year in order to have the peace of mind to know that you’re seeing your best and that any ocular health issues are being tended to in a timely manner.

How good is your vision right now? Unless you are certain that it’s as sharp and clear as it can possibly be, the chances are that there is room for improvement. And if you are experiencing difficulties, including having to squint or hold reading material right up to your face, you can be sure that our 06705 eye doctor can help. Testing includes those for visual acuity (reading from an eye chart) and a refractive assessment, in which lenses of various strength are used to determine the ones that provide you with the greatest benefit. Eye diseases are another story, and an important one. The common ones that you’re checked for by our 06705 eye doctor don’t have any noticeable symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage. By that point, you will likely have suffered a degree of damage to your eyes and/or vision loss, both of which could be unrecoverable. That’s why an annual visit to our office is key. Signs of glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy are detectable during a comprehensive eye exam, assuring prompt treatment and the best chances for a good outcome. Your retinal blood vessels also reveal early indications of possible diabetes and high blood pressure so that you can follow up with your primary physician before you suffer consequences as a result.

Set up an appointment with our office to come in for a comprehensive eye exam with our 06705 eye doctor. Why not do so right now?

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