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Your dry eyes may be the product of your environment, the result of a problem with the operation of your eyes, or both. It’s not usually a dangerous condition, but it does cause discomfort and frustration. It should be addressed in a timely fashion, and here at Oronoque Eye Care, we do just that.

Why are your eyes not sufficiently lubricated? Perhaps you are not making enough tears, or the composition of those tears is not up to the necessary standard. Factors outside your eyes include exposure to wind and smoke, and the effects of dry indoor heat during the fall and winter months. Some of the more common symptoms that alert you to needing the help of our eye doctor 06705 are sensitivity to light, eye redness, blurry vision, a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, tired eyes, or discomfort when wearing your contact lenses. You should take prompt action. When you come in to see our eye doctor 06705, your eyes will be examined thoroughly. If applicable, special tests are done to measure the quantity of tears that your eyes are producing, as well as gauging their quality. The appropriate treatment for you will depend on your unique circumstances. Among the typical options are artificial tears, which are a type of eye drops that you apply at home. There are also ointments that are effective in alleviating the problem. Other possibilities are anti-inflammatory medication and even tear duct surgery, which is not usually required but may be necessary in more extreme situations. You should also consider a humidifier for your home, wear sunglasses or eyeglasses outside on windy days, and avoid smoke to the extent you can.

We encourage you to reach out to our office so we can arrange an appointment for you with our eye doctor 06705 to examine you and evaluate your dry eyes.

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