Optometrist in Waterbury

Optometrist in Waterbury

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From the routine to the more urgent, you can have all your eye health and vision needs addressed here at Oronoque Eye Care. Furthermore, our full-service and expert optical department provides you with the corrective eyewear to help you see your very best.

At the very foundation of proper eye care is a comprehensive eye exam annually. This means having our optometrist in Waterbury check you for common eye diseases, all of which are devoid of any noticeable symptoms during their early stages. This means screenings for glaucoma and macular degeneration, for example. Both of these conditions are associated with vision loss, the degree of which can become significant, and in the case of glaucoma includes the possibilities of total blindness. Glaucoma could also result in serious optic nerve damage that may be irreversible. You’ll also have a vision test while you’re here. Our optometrist in Waterbury will write you a new prescription for glasses or contacts, or update your existing one as necessary. If you are going to wear contacts, get our contact lens exam, which will ensure that there are no physical issues with the parts of your eyes that touch the contact lens (cornea, conjunctiva, and eye lid). Such issues could prove to be an obstacle to your comfort, and could exacerbate an existing problem. Other services that we’re pleased to offer are unique ones like eyeglass repair and dry eye treatment. You can’t afford to be without your glasses, and we take that seriously. Bring them in for prompt attention. And dry eyes, though not dangerous, do interfere with your vision and can lead to discomfort. Fortunately, it’s usually easily treatable.

Simply call our office today so that we can book an appointment for you to come in for a visit with our optometrist in Waterbury.

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