Waterbury emergency eye care

Waterbury Emergency Eye Care

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Eye trauma in Waterbury

If you have ever experienced an instance of eye trauma, you are probably already aware of the emotions that accompany it. Urgent eye matters bring with them concerns about permanent eye damage or vision loss. And while no one can make guarantees in advance, here at Oronoque Eye Care, we are dedicated to emergency service so that you can maximize the chances of the best possible outcome with expert attention.

What exactly is meant by eye trauma. In its strictest sense, it usually refers to harm that has occurred to the physical well-being as the result of an accident or injury of some sort. However, for the purposes of helping our valued patients, our Waterbury emergency eye care covers a wide range of matters that can have a profound impact on your eyes. Among them are signs of eye inflammation or infection, chemical contamination, corneal ulceration, a foreign object that has become stuck in your eye, and symptoms of eye disease, whether diagnosed or not, which may include blurry vision, eye pain, discharge, and floater (spots in your field of vision), among others. You can be confident because our Waterbury emergency eye care is bolstered by our office full of advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment. If you go to a general practitioner, you are not going to benefit from the specialized knowledge and the experience you are going to get here. Our goal is to make a conclusive determination about what is going on with your eyes, and then taking immediate action to correct it or at the very least to minimize the harm caused due to it.

To take advantage of our Waterbury emergency eye care, please call us or have someone else do so for you. It’s also a good idea to keep our number programmed in all your phones. When we hear from you, we will have you seen right away.

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